Hypercore DHT based relay for RPC
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Derrick Hammer d3d0f387b6
*Access the log object directly
3 months ago
.yarn/patches dummy 3 months ago
pkg/scripts *Start service on install and stop it on uninstall 4 months ago
src *Access the log object directly 3 months ago
.gitignore *Partially upgrade to yarn pnp 4 months ago
.woodpecker.yml *Add purging cloudflare 3 months ago
.yarnrc.yml *Use corepack and yarn 2 4 months ago
LICENSE *Initial version 9 months ago
README.md *Add readme with required grant compliance 3 months ago
nfpm.yaml *Major refactor to swarm based DHT design, switch to protomux-rpc, merging core plugin into main daemon, and creating a new internal rpc plugin for cache and broadcast requests 4 months ago
package.json *Use patched micro-ed25519-hdkey 3 months ago
pkg.json *Include additional files to be packaged and remove ones that are in plugins 6 months ago
prebuild.sh *We should no longer need to delete this copy of the dep with resolutions 4 months ago
systemd.service *Add systemd service to package 6 months ago
tsconfig.json *Restructure to transpile to commonjs since vercel pkg does not support ESM 8 months ago
tslint.json *Initial version 9 months ago
yarn.lock *Update types 3 months ago


This project is supported by a Sia Foundation grant.