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This template leverages Remix SPA Mode and the Remix Vite Plugin to build your app as a Single-Page Application using Client Data for all of your data loads and mutations.


npx create-remix@latest --template remix-run/remix/templates/spa


You can develop your SPA app just like you would a normal Remix app, via:

npm run dev


When you are ready to build a production version of your app, npm run build will generate your assets and an index.html for the SPA.

npm run build


You can preview the build locally with vite preview to serve all routes via the single index.html file:

npm run preview


vite preview is not designed for use as a production server


You can then serve your app from any HTTP server of your choosing. The server should be configured to serve multiple paths from a single root /index.html file (commonly called "SPA fallback"). Other steps may be required if the server doesn't directly support this functionality.

For a simple example, you could use sirv-cli:

npx sirv-cli build/client/ --single